About us: Soda City Cosplay / Soda City Art

Soda City Cosplay is located in Soda City Art Studio in the heart of Soda City (Columbia, SC). Now you are asking, "Why is it called Soda City?'. There are a few reasons, but according to the ancient texts, it all started with the post office using the abbreviation "Cola" for Columbia. Cola has been used to refer to Columbia for a very long time, and it just evolved into Soda City. Soda City Art is a makerspace run by master maker Christopher J LeBeau, who has over 30 years of experience in making, painting, printing, graphic design, 3d art, and more. All these skills come together to create some of the best looking props and cosplays you will find anywhere. From movie props, helmets, and other cosplay pieces...the craftmanship and paintwork is definitely one of a kind. Soda City Art props just hit different.